A carbon tax is one of the better options for reducing carbon emissions

Carbon Tax Explained

With the¬†international commitment in Paris¬†calling for the¬†decarbonization of the global economy by the second half of this century, the task we now face is transforming that commitment into reality. There is no magic bullet that will deliver a decarbonized, net-zero emissions economy. What is required of us stretches across all aspects of human society, from economics and technology to our …

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Bipartisan coalition looks to the new energy future

Governors Announce Bipartisan Accord for a New Energy Future

On February 16, a bipartisan group of 17 governors signed the Governors’ Accord for a New Energy Future.  The accord represents a joint commitment among both Democratic and Republican-led states to take action promoting clean energy, better and cleaner transportation choices, a modern electrical grid and a plan for a new energy economy. You can read the full accord here, which …

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SCOTUS stay a bump in the road for the Clean Power Plan

What the SCOTUS Stay Mean for the Clean Power Plan

Though legal challenges to full implementation of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) were expected, the Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday to stay progress on the CPP was a surprising and unexpected setback. The EPA regulation is president Obama’s signature action to curb U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. A coalition of 27 mostly Republican-led states and fossil energy interests,claiming …

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