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TDS Environmental Media

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Reporting on Sustainability, Science, Policy, Economics, and the Environment

Founded by environmental journalist Thomas Schueneman, TDS Environmental media is an experienced team of journalists, storytellers, and content producers. 

Our work focuses on the intersection of the environment, business, government, human development and well-being, philosophy, economics, and sustainability.   

Within our network are policymakers, business leaders, scientists, philanthropists, social advocates, and concerned citizens. The common purpose of this diverse group is to explore the best path forward in the 21st century. A journey toward sustainable development, natural economics, social justice, human well-being, and climate action.

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Original reporting

  • Events
  • Policy research
  • Stakeholder interview and engagement

Content production

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Thought leadership

  • Consultation
  • Essay and opinion writing
  • Advocacy

The Story of Life on Earth

We are a storytelling species. As human consciousness rose out it surrounding environment, we have survived by the stories we tell about the world around and within us. We all have a voice in telling the story of our future.

We cannot hide or deny any longer the situation in which we find ourselves in the early 21st century. These are troubling, extraordinary times. With this challenge comes an enormous opportunity to bend the course of nature away from our current trajectory toward a more resilient, just, and equitable world. 

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