Thomas Schueneman: Environmental Journalist, Publisher, Journalist, Speaker

  • May 12, 2015

Writing on environmental, social, and economic issues

Clips and portfolio

Telling a Human Story from an Environmental Perspective

Thomas Schueneman is the founder TDS Environmental Media,, and the PlanetWatch Group.

Corporate communications and international reporting.

International reportingInternational Environmental Journalist

  • Climate Protection: International Cooperation on Climate and Energy.  Berlin – Dessau – Bonn. German Foreign Ministry, Ecological Institute
  • COP15, Copenhagen. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Accredited journalist
  • World Water Week, Stockholm. PepsiCo Foundation.
  • COP21, Paris. UNFCCC. Accredited journalist.

Writing and journalism

Discussing business with Julie Blunden of SunPowerBroad knowledge of environmental policy,  science, and human development.  An extensive network of contacts and sources including policymakers, press relations professionals, business leaders, scientists, NGOs and analysts involved in sustainable development, economics, and climate.


Tom giving a talk on climate change and sustainable urban development at the Treasure Island MuseumTom is a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. He gives customized presentations, talks and lectures on climate, urban development, energy, and sustainability.


The Rolland article went live today on TP and I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your time and amazing writing. They didn’t have any edits and we are so happy with it. It was such a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to keeping in touch.

Wanted to reach out again to thank you! Rolland was so happy with the article Paper Doesn’t (Just) Grow on Trees: Rolland Innovates Smarter Paper posted last week on TriplePundit. You are truly wonderful and it’s such a pleasure working with you and reading your writing.

Thanks again for your interest, time and talents! Looking forward to keeping in touch!

A nice piece.  Well argued.

I’ve known you so long as a writer… I am just loving this new direction. Your writing has a simplicity, clarity and humor lately that really suits you!