A fossil fuel burning industrial plant silhouetted against the setting sun

The Climate of Our Moral Character

Climate Change, Economics, Energy, Featured, Sustainable Development

Climate and moral character are intwined in how we transform our energy economy to align with a viable future for ourselves and all life on Earth....

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Greta Thunberg, Tilting at Windmills, and the Winds of Change

Activism, Climate Change, Op-Ed

Greta Thunberg sends ripples of hope to the growing climate youth movement - shivers of fear to those clinging to business as usual....

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Trump tax reform - more dollar bills for the wealthy

Trump Tax Code Reform Favors the Rich and Big Corporations – Surprised?

Business, Economics, Government, News, Policy

From seven brackets to three The White House and Congressional Republicans announced their plans for a tax code reform bill. There is a bit of something positive in it. It would simplify the tax code into three brackets, instead of the current seven. But that�...

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Single-use water bottles aren't carbon neutral

The Absurdity of Calling a Bottled Water Company Carbon Neutral

Enviroment, News, Water

Can a bottled water company ever be truly carbon neutral? The bottled water brand Evian announced recently that it has been audited and certified by the Carbon Trust as a carbon neutral brand in the U.S. and Canada. Evian’s corporate parent, Danone made a co...

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Scott Pruitt fails to protect environment, citizens post-Harvey

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt’s Failed Leadership Mangles Environmental Protection, Endangers Millions Devastated by Extreme Weather

Commentary, Enviroment, Environmental Justice, Government, Human health, News, Policy, Politics

Scott Pruitt is Damaging Hurricane Recovery and Preparedness Sierra Club press release Friday, September 21:  Despite his dogged efforts to dismantle the agency he leads and refocus it on protecting corporate polluters instead of the American people, somehow ...

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Community Capital - A Sense of Place

Community Capital: Economic Development With a Sense of Place

Business, Community, Environmental Justice, Policy, Sustainable Development

It’s the economy, stupid. In 1992, political strategist James Carville coined his catchy admonition ostensibly to keep his staff on message, arguably helping pave the way to Bill Clinton’s presidency. Carville’s “snowclone” phrase has since been bent...

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