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We are a storytelling species. The stories we tell shape our collective reality. And we all have a voice in telling the story of our future.

We are a team of writers, researchers, journalists seeking out the stories, ideas and people who reflect where we are and the possibilities for the future, for better or worse.

Weaving a better narrative

We do not hide from or deny the situation we are in. These are troubling times.  We embrace this reality by weaving hopeful narratives that chronicle solutions to some of the most urgent crises of our times.  

As thought leaders who are grounded in science, we have a long and proven track record of showcasing sustainability efforts.

Within our networks are policymakers, business leaders, scientists,  philanthropists, social advocates, and concerned citizens. It is a diverse group with a common purpose: finding the path forward in the 21st century. A journey toward sustainable development, natural economics, social justice and climate action.

As individuals our perspective is limited, together we are on Planet Watch.

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